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5th November 2007: Spektrum DX7 systems are now in stock, phone us for prices.

5th November 2007: Blade CX2 indoor electric helicopter with spektrum radio in stock. Keen prices !

6th November 2007: We now have the Pheonix Sim back in stock, we also have the OMI fuel magnets and replacement foams available.

7th November 2007: We have now received our first delivery of Fromeco gear.
It is our intention to carry on stock at all times the Arizona Regulator, Relion 5200 mA battery with 14swg wire and Deans connectors plus the pin flag switch. Our prices will be very interesting....

8th November 2007: We are currently working on another batch of alloy fans to suit the JR Vibe 90. We expect to be able to ship product at the end of the week. If you are interested in these just use the contact button at the bottom of the page. We produce a large array of upgrade and modification parts to suit a variety of models, give us a call if you want something different.

12th November 2007: Alloy fans for JR Vibe are finally back in stock. Invoices will be sent out today for anyone with them on order and we will start posting out tghis afternoon.

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