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Phoenix Packaging

Phoenix Sim-1 Flight Simulator

This sim is the newest on the market and represents the best performance and value there is. The software is constantly being refined and as such is leaving the competition behind. Whether you fly helicopters, planes or gliders this sims has it all. Over 50 models at the moment but new ones coming out all the time. Visit Phoenix web site for latest updates.

Diamond Helicentre Price: £75 inc VAT

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Reflex XTR

Reflex XTR Flight Simulator

This was the first simulator to offer photo realism and as such as generated a large and loyal following. The latest 5.04 version which is Vista compatible will provide a great platform to practice on. There are also plenty of sites on the web offering models for Reflex, some are excellent.

Diamond Helicentre Price: £125 inc VAT

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